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to Bloom Counseling Center!

Everyone needs support from time to time. Bloom Counseling Center is here to help! 

Bloom Counseling Center provides HIPAA-compliant counseling services throughout all of North Carolina via telehealth.

Therapy is for everyone! A common misconception I have encountered from people is that therapy is only for individuals with "problems", whether that be grief, a diagnosis, divorce, or trauma. This is simply not true. Everyone can benefit from therapy, not just people who are "going through something". 

Do you feel:

  • Disconnected from yourself?

  • Like it's hard to be alone with your thoughts?

  • Like you always have to distract yourself?

  • Like you need to multitask to feel calm?

  • Unsure of what you want?

  • Difficulty making decisions?

  • Difficulty tolerating emotion?

  • Difficulty saying no?

Therapy can help you build or redefine your connection with:

  • yourself

  • other people

  • your families & family dynamics

  • your past

  • your work

  • your ability to rest

  • boundaries

  • your emotions

  • your body & body sensations

  • your beliefs & values

  • and so much more!

So much can change when you're tuned into YOU! 



Bloom Counseling Center, PLLC

Telephone: 704-327-8227


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